Overview of Studiovity Screenwriting Software

Studiovity is a comprehensive screenwriting and production management software designed to enhance the creative and organizational process for filmmakers and writers. The software offers a variety of powerful features tailored to streamline the screenwriting process and optimize film production.

Studiovity Screenwriting

Key Studiovity Screenwriting Features

Advanced Screenwriting Editor

  • An intuitive editor with auto-save, automatic formatting, and suggestions for transitions, characters, and scene structure.
  • Dark and light modes for personalized viewing.
  • Support for over 350 languages, enabling global accessibility.

Beat Board

  • Visualize and craft compelling plots.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for easy manipulation of story elements.
  • Helps in refining storytelling and script structure.

Index Card

  • Organize screenplay scenes with visual index cards.
  • Flexible method to outline and reorder scenes, aiding in narrative pacing and flow.

Multi-language Support

  • Write screenplays in multiple languages seamlessly.
  • Mobile and web browser support for switching languages and maintaining script formatting.

Real-time Collaboration

  • Instant updates and visibility for all collaborators.
  • Enhances teamwork, communication, and cohesive script development.


  • Allows direct feedback within the script.
  • Facilitates effective communication and refinement of scripts.

Tag Notes

  • Organize ideas with text and image-rich notes.
  • Tag notes to screenplay elements for easy reference.

Import/Export Capabilities of Studiovity Screenwriting Software

  • Effortlessly import and export scripts in multiple formats.
  • Compatible with tools like Fountain, Final Draft, Celtx, and PDF.

Studiovity Screenwriting on Web

Studiovity Screenwriting on Mobile

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