How to Create a Call Sheet

Learn how to create a call sheet for your production. Follow Studiovity‘s step-by-step guide to select scripts, add scenes, set schedules, and organize your shoot effectively.

Add New Call Sheet

Call Sheet on Web View

Click on the “Add New” button in the call sheet section.

create a call sheet

Select Shooting Script

A pop-up box will open. Select the shooting script you want to create a call sheet for.

select script

Enter Details

Provide the title and select the scenes to add to your call sheet. You can choose to leave it empty and add scenes later.

select scenes

Set Date and Time

Select the date and time, and choose the day type (e.g., shoot day). Click on the “Create” button.


View Call Sheet

The call sheet is formed with the default sections of schedule and cast.

call sheet

Call Sheet on Mobile View

  1. Click on “Add Call Sheet” at the bottom-right corner.
  2. This will open a pop-up box to fill in the required details like selecting the screenplay, giving the title, and setting the date and time. Click “Next.”
  3. An empty call sheet is created.
create a call sheet
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