How to create automatic daybreak to scheduling based on page length?

Create automatic daybreak scheduling based on page length in Studiovity effortlessly with these steps for both the web and app versions. Efficiently manage your writing tasks by setting up scheduled breaks tailored to your project’s needs, ensuring productivity and balance in your workflow.

Log In to Studiovity:

Studiovity Scheduling on Web:

  • Go to the Studiovity website and log in to your account.

Create a New Project:

  • Click on “Create Project” and enter the project details such as the title and description.

Set Up Writing Tasks:

  • Add tasks for each writing day. Click on “Add Task” and enter the task name (e.g., “Write 5 pages”).
  • Set the due date for each task based on your writing schedule.

Schedule Daybreaks:

  • Insert daybreak tasks in your schedule. Add a new task (e.g., “Daybreak”) on the 7th day or after your designated writing intervals.
  • Set the due date for each daybreak task.

Assign Deadlines and Reminders:

  • Click on each task to set deadlines and enable reminders. This ensures you stay on track with your writing and breaks.

Monitor and Adjust:

  • Regularly check your project dashboard to monitor your progress. Adjust the schedule as needed by editing task dates or adding new tasks.

Open the Studiovity App:

Studiovity Scheduling on App:

  • Launch the Studiovity app on your device and log in.

Create a New Project:

  • Tap on the “+” icon to create a new project. Enter the project details such as the title and description.

Add Writing Tasks:

  • Tap on “Add Task” to create a task for each writing day. Enter the task name (e.g., “Write 5 pages”) and set the due date.

Include Daybreaks:

  • Add tasks for daybreaks. Create a new task (e.g., “Daybreak”) and set it on the appropriate day in your schedule.

Set Deadlines and Notifications:

  • Tap on each task to set deadlines and enable notifications. This will help remind you of upcoming tasks and breaks.

Track and Modify:

  • Use the project overview to track your progress. Adjust task dates or add new tasks as needed to stay on track.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage your writing schedule with automatic daybreaks using Studiovity on both the web and app platforms.

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