How to Import Screenplay – FDX, PDF, Fountain

Learn how to import your screenplay in PDF, FDX, and TXT formats easily. Follow Studiovity‘s step-by-step guide to seamlessly add your script to the application and continue your screenwriting process.

Navigate to Documents

Screenplay on Web View

Open Studiovity and go to the ‘Documents’ section, usually accessible from the main menu or dashboard. Click on the ‘Add New’ button.

Add New

Open ‘Add New Document’ Dialog Box

The ‘Add New Document’ dialog box will appear. Here, you have the option to create an empty screenplay by entering a title, or you can choose to import an existing screenplay. To import, either click on the ‘Import’ button or drag and drop your PDF, FDX, or TXT file into the dialog box.

Import Screenplay

Import and Edit Title

Once your screenplay is imported, you have the option to change its title if necessary. After making any desired changes to the title, click on the ‘Create’ button.


Begin Editing

After clicking ‘Create’, your screenplay will automatically appear in your documents list, ready for you to edit and continue with the film screenwriting and preproduction process.


Screenplay on Mobile View

  1. Click on “+Docs” Button.
  2. Select document type as Screenplay, and upload existing screenplay.
  3. Click “Next” Button, and the imported screenplay will open.
Import Screenplay
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