Overview of Scheduling

Studiovity’s scheduling feature, available on both web and mobile platforms, offers a comprehensive solution for managing and organizing shooting schedules efficiently. Here’s an overview of Studiovity’s scheduling capabilities:

User-Friendly Interface:

Studiovity Scheduling Web Version Overview:

  • Studiovity’s web version provides a user-friendly interface for creating, editing, and managing shooting schedules.

Project Selection:

  • Users can select the project they are working on, allowing for organized scheduling within specific projects.

Scheduling Tools:

  • The web version offers a range of scheduling tools, including stripboard views, scene breakdowns, and script reading options.

Scene Management:

  • Users can manage scenes by adding, editing, or removing them from the schedule directly from the web interface.

Tagging and Categorization:

  • Studiovity allows for tagging scenes with cast members, locations, extras, and other relevant information, enhancing organization and communication within the scheduling process.

Downloadable Reports:

  • Users can download scheduling reports in various formats, such as scheduling portraits, landscape views, and breakdown PDFs, facilitating easy sharing and distribution of schedules.

Mobile-Friendly Design:

Studiovity Scheduling Mobile Version Overview:

  • Studiovity’s mobile app is designed to offer a seamless scheduling experience on mobile devices, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

Project Management:

  • Users can access and manage projects directly from their mobile devices, enabling on-the-go scheduling and updates.

Breakdown and Schedule Views:

  • The mobile version provides breakdown and schedule views, allowing users to navigate through scenes, add details, and make adjustments from their smartphones or tablets.

Tagging and Editing:

  • Users can tag cast members, locations, and extras to scenes, as well as edit scene details and timings, enhancing collaboration and clarity within the scheduling process.

Script Reading:

  • Studiovity’s mobile app allows users to read scripts directly from their devices, ensuring easy reference and coordination during shoots.

Download Options:

  • Similar to the web version, users can download scheduling reports in various formats, making it convenient to share and store schedules on mobile devices.

Overall, Studiovity’s scheduling feature, available on both web and mobile platforms, provides a robust and flexible solution for managing shooting schedules effectively, whether in the office or on the go.

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