Formatting Shortcuts in Screenplay

Discover essential formatting shortcuts for your screenplay through Studiovity. Learn how to quickly format scenes, actions, characters, and more using simple keyboard shortcuts for efficient scriptwriting.

Select the Block

Screenplay on Web View

Place your cursor on the block of text you want to format.

Select Block

Choose a Formatting Option

On the second top bar, you will find options such as Scene, Action, Character, etc. You can format the selected block by clicking on these options or by using their formatting shortcuts: Scene – Ctrl + 1, Action – Ctrl + 2, Character – Ctrl + 3, Parenthetical – Ctrl + 4, Dialogue – Ctrl + 5, Transition – Ctrl + 6, General – Ctrl + 7. You can also see the shortcuts by hovering your cursor over each option.

Formatting Shortcuts

Apply the Formatting

Once you click on the desired option or use the shortcut, you will see the selected block change to the chosen format.

Formatting Scene

Screenplay on Mobile View

  1. Click on “Edit” Option.
  2. Select the block/scene which you want to format.
  3. Select the type of format and click “Save”.
Formatting Shortcuts
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