How to add notes to shotlist?

Adding notes to the shot list in Studiovity can help you and your team stay organized and ensure all important details are documented. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add notes to your shot list in Studiovity’s web application

1. Log In to Studiovity

Studiovity Shotlist on Web

   – Open your web browser and navigate to the Studiovity website.

   – Log in to your Studiovity account using your credentials.

2. Select Your Project

   – From the dashboard, select the project you want to work on.

3. Navigate to the Shot List

   – In the project menu, find and click on the “Shot List” section. This is where all your shots are listed.

4. Choose a Shot

   – Select the specific shot you want to add notes to. Click on the shot to open its details.

5. Add Notes to the Shot

   – Within the shot details, look for an option to add notes. It can be found on top right corner with text box labeled “Add Note”.

   – Click on the text box to start typing your notes.

6. Enter Your Notes

   – Type the notes you want to add. These could be details about the shot, specific instructions, or any other relevant information.

   – Make sure your notes are clear and concise to ensure everyone on your team can understand them.

7. Add Additional Elements to Notes

   – You can also enhance your notes by adding pictures or setting colors to categorize and highlight important information.

   – Look for options within the notes section to upload images or select colors.

8. Save Your Notes

   – After entering your notes, make sure to save them. Look for a “Save” button or icon near the notes section.

   – Click “Save” to ensure your notes are stored with the shot details.

9. Review and Edit Notes

   – Once saved, review your notes to make sure all information is correct.

   – If you need to edit the notes, click on the notes section again, make the necessary changes, and save them.

10.Mobile Application:

-In the mobile application, click on “Add Shot” at the bottom right, where you can select the “Add Notes” option.

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