How to Use a Regional Language in Screenplay

Learn how to use a regional language in your screenplay with Google Input Tools in Studiovity. Follow these steps to add, manage, and switch between multiple languages seamlessly.

Access Extensions

Screenplay on Web View

Open a new tab in Google Chrome and click on the “Extensions” icon next to the search bar.

go to extensions

Access Chrome Web Store

A page with existing extensions opens. If you already have the extension “Google Input Tools,” you can skip the adding process. If not, go to the Chrome Web Store.

chrome web store

Search for Google Input Tools

Search “Google Input Tools” in the search bar and click “Add to Chrome.”

add to chrome

Add Extension

A pop-up box opens; click on “Add Extension” to confirm.

add extension

Confirm Addition

Wait a few seconds, and a notification will come, saying the extension has been successfully added to Chrome. Now navigate back to your screenplay.

added to chrome

Open Extension Options

Click on the “Extensions” icon again, and click on the “More Options” icon of Google Input Tools.


Manage Extension

Click “Options.” This opens a new tab to manage this extension. Wait a few seconds, and the languages box will open.

regional language in screenplay

Add Regional Language in Screenplay

Double-click on the regional language you want to add to your screenplay, and it will shift from the left column to the right column.

regional language in screenplay

Pin Extension

Close the languages box, and select “Pin to Toolbar.”

regional language in screenplay

Confirm Regional Language in Screenplay

Navigate back to your screenplay and click on the newly pinned icon. You can select or switch between multiple languages here and disable input as well.

regional language in screenplay

Start Typing

Start typing, and you will see the input being converted to the required language.

regional language in screenplay

Edit Extension Options

Click on the options icon at the end of the Google top bar, click on “Extensions,” and then “Manage Extensions” to edit the options of the extension.

manage extensions

Screenplay on Mobile View

  1. Click on the languages icon at the bottom of the keyboard. Click on “Keyboard Settings”.
  2. Click “Add New Keyboard”
  3. This will open a list of languages. Select the required languages, and it will be available when typing.
regional language in screenplay
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