Overview of Studiovity Script Breakdown

Studiovity is the world’s first cross-platform application designed specifically for filmmakers and writers. It offers best-in-class video, film, TV production management, and screenplay software. Here’s an overview of the Studiovity Script Breakdown feature, which is designed to streamline and enhance your film production process:

Script Breakdown

AI-Powered Script Breakdown

AI Breakdown

  • 100x Faster Breakdown: Achieve rapid script breakdown with AI-based automation, tagging props, wardrobe, gear, and more.
  • Detailed Scene Breakdown: Add detailed notes for each scene, specify shoot locations, and generate comprehensive breakdown sheets.
  • Customizable Categories: Personalize scene colors according to the environment and customize categories from elements.


  • Import Shooting Scripts: Easily import your scripts and start the breakdown process.
  • Add Notes: Annotate each scene with specific notes to provide clarity.
  • Download Reports: Export breakdown sheets in XLSX and PDF formats for easy sharing and distribution.
  • Tagged Approach: Use tags to organize and streamline your workflow, making it easy to keep track of all production elements.

Studiovity Script Breakdown on Web

Studiovity Script Breakdown on Mobile

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