Crucial Concepts of Scriptwriting that you must not overlook

Three Scriptwriting concept You must know

Three type of Beats

This is a common mistake that you can notice quite frequently in blogs that talk about beat sheets. Despite an excellent explanation and description of a beats, they lack the differentiation that a reader ought to know about. . This blog will help you solve this issue. Broadly, there are three concepts while constructing a beat sheets.

  1. Story Beat
  2. Emotional Beat
  3. Reversal

Let’s learn more about these beats with the help of a famous Bollywood movie Dangal.

Story Beat

Mahavir Singh Phogat was a famous, successful Kushti (wrestling)player. Falling a victim of reasons he ends his career after failing to win a gold medal for his country. He dreams of training his son, however, his wife gives birth to two daughters. This crushes his dreams.

This part lays down the background of the plot. You must remember to add everything that puts your story in motion in this part.

Emotional Beat

His elder daughters end beating up a boy at school. When they come back, his father inquires about this, they explain they give about the techniques of kushti they used to beat up the boy gives Mahavir hopes that if not a boy, he shall teach his daughters Kushti. If he could not get his country a gold medal, his daughters would.

This beat has a change in emotions. The guy who gave up his hopes regained it. Adding emotions fuel the plot of the movie bringing it to the actual story.


Geeta goes to the academy and gets distracted by the hubbub of the city degrading her performance. She ends up neglecting her father’s training as well. Mahavir feels sorrowful by the sudden changes in his daughter’s attitude. However, after one failure, she gets a hold of herself. She calls her father. Things go back on track. Mahavir trains her daughter and helps her to win a gold medal.

This part consists of a change in emotion, making the audience doubtful if the climax they expected will occur.

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