Errors to Avoid in your script

7 common errors in script

  • Too Many Emotions
  • Grammatical Errors
  • Fillers
  • Slow Plot
  • Word Count
  • Side Characters And Plots
  • The Correct Scriptwriting Breakdown

Too many emotions

Filmmakers need to have a clear cut approach to the scene and the thing that continues. However, adding buckets and buckets of emotions makes the sentence rather dull and redundant.

Grammatical errors

Grammatical plays a significant role in scriptwriting. Having the correct subject-verb agreement, the proper usage of punctuations and tense plays an essential role while scriptwriting. Making such errors can not only be a pet peeve for your reader but can also change the entire essence or meaning of the sentence. You can also get automatic grammatical corrections on StudioVity.


Fillers are always a go-to to stall the actual happening and create tension. Having too many fillers leads to nothing; having a hidden plot under many fillers makes it impossible for the viewers to continue being interested in your story.

Slow plot

While writing your script, you ought not to make the mistake of slow pacing. Adding redundant information only adds up to the scene and stalls the ending. This is something that can not only ruin your current script but also create an impression of being a slow-paced scriptwriter, which you must not make.

Word Count

While writing your script, you must keep track of the word count. A feature film should be a maximum of 120 pages, and a drama series should not exceed 60. Consider trimming and adding to your script to follow the page limits.

Side Characters and plots

Having side characters in your movie is always a plus point but having a lot of them t random scenes which lead up to nothing does no good to your plot. Having one big story is necessary, but so does having subplots associated with your characters. Try adding them as it gives a more detailed view of your characters.

The correct scriptwriting breakdown

Having a good breakdown script is essential. It makes it easier for the director, crew members to read and short. Finding good Scriptwriting software can be a hassle. However, you can now enjoy an easy scriptwriting experience devoid of syntax or financial hassle only on StudioVity, a web, mobile-based, cross-platform screenwriting application. One of the most exciting features is screenplay breakdown, popularly known as an index card, industry-standard format, and quick notes on the go. You can write your script by just adding a document. Its features let you break down your script automatically. You can download pdf, fountain, txt; add your cast and crew, call sheets, payment breakdown, standard report (PDF format), and shareable links to your production team. Some great articles and blogs about movies, production, script breakdown, and many more. Besides the app being really safe, importing and exporting files is much easier. You can also chat through the app and get recommendations and share ideas with others.

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