August 2022

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Best screenwriting tool In 2022-studiovity

Best Scriptwriting Tool In 2023

Why Scriptwriting are important in movies, novels, and stories? A brief introduction to Scriptwriting. Scriptwriting is important in movies, novels, and stories because it is the foundation upon which the entire creative process is built.

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Hyperbole in writing – To spice up your script

Definition of Hyperbole. What we understand by hyperbole in film-making? We all remember that—”The truth.” “It is beautiful and terrible and should therefore be treated cautiously. When Albus Dumbledore said, it in harry Potter. Exaggeration—a

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Image for Personification
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Personification: A figurative Language for Writers

A figurative Language in words of William Shakespeare “Life were better ended by their hate, Than death prorogued, wanting of thy love” -Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare Basically here, Romeo is saying that he’d rather

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Story Writing Competition Registration

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