What Is Euphemism Mean? How It Can Be Used In Scriptwriting And Screenplay Writing.

Literature is full of literary devices, and there use brings a new spark in the phrase, literary decuces are the Ingredients which bring flavours in literature And one of the most famous such literary device is Euphemism. It may change with respect to time , culture etc. In this article we will enlighten you about the creative aspect of this literary tool.
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What is euphemism?

A better understanding of euphemism.

It does sound like a very technical term, but is actually something you may have used just an hour ago, your general language is hand in glove with it.

Euphemisms are used to add delicacy and refinement to a character’s discourse or to portray a certain tone or mood in a situation. They may also be used to infer something without expressing it outright, which can generate mystery or intrigue. Euphemisms may be used in scriptwriting to indicate a character’s personality, social standing, or cultural heritage. They may also be used to avoid using foul or explicit language, to make a scene more family-friendly, or to make it more appropriate for a certain audience. In a script, this is shown by the use of “the big slumber” rather than “death.”

Examples of euphemism

This specific video clip does complete justice in explaining euphemism it explains it from it’s use from past to present by compiling humor in it, here the speakers speaks how we have made change in the syllables and made the situation light as per our needs , he also went one step further by cursing the warfare activities and explains use of euphemism there. He covered many other daily use of euphemism in day to day activities and made it clear how words are changed to give different expression even though it has similar meaning. 

Why is euphemism used ?

It’s use may be done in order escape the sensors which may be vernacular but offensive to some other groups , here in this case it’s use can be life saver as it will not fail in conveying the meaning to the audience

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A) In order to avoid offensive language

It’s use is also prevalent because some of the words which were used in past are not welcomed in the same manner they were welcomed in the past, so here euphemism is a great tool. Mainly while describing sexual intimacy euphemism is used dominantly.

B) Diversity in language

Because of it many other words also get exposure and this bring a colourful dynamics to the script, which makes it very interesting

And also by using Studiovity you may also use some of the words which may give you extra edge in order to target a specific audience by using favourable word placement.

C) For Foreshadowing

Euphemism can be used very creatively in order to foreshadow a character or context in the script , which would help audience to understand it’s character or the situation in better manner.

Use of Euphemism in Television show.

Like in south park the character says “I am not fat I am big boned ” it is just a polite way of saying fat, yes
Fat and big boned means same thing but still you can see how the latter is much neutral than the former.

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