The biggest problem for many writers is that they have big beautiful grand ideas, but it’s so hard to take them out from the brain and put them onto pages. So here is Studiovity to help you out with pre-arranged templates. This will help you detangle your great superhit ideas and put them out there simply but efficiently.

Tips for starting script Writing.

Step -1
So here is a tip for you. Open up your workspace and write your name and date. Your blank pages are filled! I know, it doesn’t sound very reasonable. But it works. Try it out! It is a simple psychological trick that makes you feel like you are making some progress. The spirit feels good. 

Breaking The concept.

Now your second step can be breaking the concept of the story that already exists. This will get you thinking about the episode, to begin with. The episode people will be interested in. Surely not asking to copy but to read how it really works on screen.

From here, you have to expand your thinking.  Go away from distractions, where you are at a distance from your phone social media. Just you and your thoughts. You can call that place your Idea hub. It’s different for everyone. A shower might work for some, or it can be a garden or a walk. Do anything that confides you with your thinking process.

This is the time to crack
-who is the story about?
-what are they going through?
-what will change?

Figure out the beginning, middle and end in a broad perspective. The character and theme of the story are going to be what drives that inevitable ending.
Think about anything and everything that pops into your headline of dialogue, a set-piece, a trailer, moment and image that enforces the theme. Note down somewhere or voice record it; whatever is available, just use it.


The research will help you and prevent you from getting stuck. I Am writing about a courtroom. Go and watch a bunch of courtroom videos, read articles and read real-life things. Real situations will really give you a lot of ingredients to start cooking up some other ideas.

I hope this helps you. StudioVity will try to help you out in every way possible. Have a great script ahead. Ping us if it helps you if you have any queries, and your suggestions are most welcomed.

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