The Checklist for a Successful Pre Production Process

Pre-production is the development stage before filming begins. It involves all of the tasks needed to prepare for the main production process. Not every project needs the same amount of pre-production work, but it’s always important for a shoot to go well. Pre-production covers everything that happens before principal photography starts. It may seem like an insignificant phase in the filmmaking process, but it’s this part of the production can make or break your film. The success of your movie is heavily dependent on effective pre-production planning and execution. Checking and double-checking everything you need before shooting a video is crucial. A poorly planned pre-production process can result in a lot of wasted time, money, and resources. Planning ahead and making checklists are great ways to stay organized and efficient.
Let’s dig deep into “the checklist for a successful Pre-Production Process.

Filming-wise, what happens in pre-production?

During the preproduction phase of making a movie, all the tasks that go into making a movie are planned and organized. The main tasks of preproduction are writing the script, finding locations, making storyboards, making a budget, casting actors, and making a schedule. Preproduction is the bridge between the idea for a film and the finished product. Preproduction is where the filmmaking team comes together to create the movie. It’s where the team researches, plans, and creates all the elements needed to produce the film. Preproduction is when filmmakers create the road map for the film’s production and execution. It’s a critical phase that can make or break the project.

Script/Script Meeting

Your film’s blueprint is the screenplay. It will reveal everything about your tale, characters, and place. Before the pre-production phase, this is probably one of the essential things you must compose. The screenplay serves as the starting point for the whole preproduction process. You and the team must begin preparations for filming using the screenplay. Include everything required for the filming, from the performers to the props and costumes.

Storyboard and Shot List

A storyboard is a schematic representation of the events in your film. It helps you visualize and map out the film. You can use a visual storyboard to show your co-workers and collaborators the flow of your film and identify any potential issues. A shot list can be made with the help of a storyboard. A shot list is a detailed report of the shots and camera angles you want to use in your movie. It should include information such as what scene the shot is for, the type of camera shot to use (e.g., close up, wide shot, etc.), and any other relevant details. Use your storyboard as a reference while creating your shot list.

Location Scouting

Before you start scheduling the shoot, you need to find the right locations for your film. Location scouting is the process of finding and securing shooting locations. It should include everything from researching to visiting the actual locations. Pre-production is the best time to research and find suitable locations for your film. You can easily visit the locations before the actual shoot begins. This will allow you and your team plenty of time to choose the finest locations for your shoot.

Audio Recording and Music Research

The script and storyboard are the foundation for the entire production process. But audio is the glue that holds everything together and makes it engaging. This is especially true for narrative films and documentaries. Pre-production is the best time to research and source the music and sound elements needed in your film. The audio elements will be the first ones you need to complete before the shoot begins. Audio elements include the score, sound effects, and narration. You can record these audio elements yourself or hire a professional.

Art Department: Set Building and Props

Set design and props are the essential ingredients that bring your setting to life. Set design helps establish the setting and mood of the story. Props enhance the story and make the characters more realistic. Use pre-production to source the materials needed for set and prop design. You can easily find online resources and shops that sell props and set materials.


Pre-production is the phase of the filmmaking process in which all the tasks involved in creating a film are planned and organized. It is the bridge between the idea for a film and the finished product. Pre-production is when filmmakers create the road map for the film’s production and execution. It is a critical phase that can make or break the project.

Software for your pre-production

As the world is going towards technology integration, it’s now essential for the film industry to keep up with the pace. Big-budget movies are now produced with the help of software. From scripting to post-production, all are planned using software.
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