How to use native language keyboard In studiovity?

How to use Native language in StudioVity?

Lets talk a quick look on using native language in Studiovity

Sometimes, you hassle finding the right tool to use with your favourite writing tool and sometimes it’s impossible to find the right tool. 

Here in this blog, I will guide you to the right tool that will help you write in your native language.

Let me give you the exact steps to follow with.

1. Search Google Input extension.

2.Add Google Input to your extension

3.Activate the desire extension.


How you can incorporate native language keyboard with studiovity.

Let me explain the whole process a bit more to be more apparent to you.

– Search for the Google Input extension.

– Add the Google Input to your extension.

Add Google Input Tools, click to add
Add Google Input to chrome

– Click on the Google input extension, click on the extension option.

– Now you can select the desire language you want to use.

Add language to extionsion

We are all done with adding extension. Let’s try writing with the new extension you just installed.

How to write in native language in StudioVity

Go to the extension and select the language you prefer to write in. lets give you an example.

Click on the Hindi language on extension to activate it.

lative language for studiovity

– We are all done,  now you have to write and extension will convert it to your native language.

Visit StudioVity to start writing with native language

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