5 Capitalization Rule for script writing

Lets Have a look in script writing rules

1. Character Introduction

While introducing a character for the first time, you must write the character’s name in all caps. This helps in casting and breaking down the names of all the characters in the script. 

2. Action Lines

When writing dialogues for your script, you might need to add a word or two expressing an emotion or action crucial for the script. In such a situation, you must write the action or emotion in all caps. This helps the actors while dialogue delivery if the intention is not adequately described. However, restrict yourself from using this a lot since dialogue delivery and acting is the actor’s and the director’s work.

3. Transition scene

While writing transition scenes like FADE IN or FADE OUT, you must report the word in all caps. It is crucial as it gives the actors and the directors an idea of takes, shots, and transitions. 

4. Slug Line

Slug lines consisting of EXT or INT with the location and time must always be written in all caps. 

5.Dialogue Lines

While writing, action lines consisting of Voice over(V.O.) or Off Screen/Camera (O.S./C.) must be written in all caps. 

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