BADLAPUR script download.

(Raghu) was a young man whose son and wife is killed by some people during a bank heist and and now he is seeking Vengeance for his great loss, there are two suspects in this case.
one manages to elope with money, but fortunately the other gets in hand of police and is now sentenced for twenty years.
Later after fifteen years, this person gets diagnosed with cancer and has only one year left to live, so he pleads to Raghu and his sentence so that he can live one year of his life out of the jail .
Raghu aggres to accept his apology on one condition ,that he has to tells him about his other partner who killed his wife and son.
Will Raghu be able to avenge his dead wife and son?

Will the cancer patient be able to live one year out of jail?

Will Raghu’s revenge give him back his peace in life?

Who wrote badlapur script?

For his outrageous work he has recieved The 2019 Filmfare Awards, Zee Cine Awards and  also Screen Awards for the Best Screenplay featured an unlikely name. Arijit Biswas, is also the head of HR Digitization in TCS for the film Badlapur, Andhadhund  etc,Arijit shared the writing credits and the award with director Sriram Raghavan, Pooja Ladha Surti and two others.


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