Upgrade Your Screenplay Software: Studiovity – A Celtx Alternative

Are you searching for the best screenplay software? While Celtx is a popular option, Studiovity offers a powerful and user-friendly alternative for screenwriters of all levels.

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Celtx has long been a familiar name in the world of screenplay software. But for those seeking a more streamlined, affordable, and writer-centric experience, Studiovity offers a powerful alternative. Here’s why Studiovity might be the perfect fit for your next project:

Focus on the Script, Not the Screenplay Software

Celtx boasts a wide range of production management features. While valuable for larger productions, these tools can clutter the interface for screenwriters who simply want to focus on crafting their story. Studiovity keeps things clean and simple, prioritizing the writing experience with a dedicated scriptwriting environment.

Unbeatable Affordability:

Celtx’s pricing structure can be complex, with costs often rising based on project needs. Studiovity offers a refreshingly straightforward approach. Choose from our budget-friendly “Screenwriting PRO” plan for scriptwriting essentials, or upgrade to “Video Production PRO” for the full suite of production tools – all at a fraction of the cost of Celtx.


$ 24
99 Month
  • 1 User Only
  • Unlimited Documents
  • Unlimited Comments
  • Story Development Tools
  • Beat Sheet
  • Custom Watermarking


$ 2
50 Month
  • Unlimited Documents
  • 350+ Languages
  • Index Cards
  • Export in multiple format
  • Auto Formatting
  • Custom Watermarking
  • Beat Board

Write Anytime, Anywhere:​

Studiovity empowers writers on the go. Access your scripts and continue writing seamlessly between our mobile app and desktop software. Celtx primarily focuses on desktop applications, limiting your creative flow to a single location.

Screenwriting Software, screenwriting, screenwriter, pre-production, studiovity

The Best Screenplay Software for Collaboration​

Studiovity understands the power of collaboration. Our real-time co-writing features allow you to brainstorm and refine your script with partners simultaneously. Celtx offers collaboration tools, but they might not be as intuitive or user-friendly.

Affordable Screenplay Software for Every Writer​

Studiovity goes beyond basic formatting. Features like character bios, notecards, and storyboarding tools help you develop your characters and plot within the software. Celtx offers similar features, but Studiovity integrates them seamlessly into the writing workflow.

Screenwriting Software, screenwriting, screenwriter, pre-production, studiovity

Don't Just Take Our Word for It:​

Studiovity boasts a loyal user base who appreciate its user-friendliness and affordability. With a lower barrier to entry, Studiovity allows aspiring and professional screenwriters alike to focus on what matters most – telling their stories.

Ready to Make the Switch?​

Experience the difference for yourself. Try Studiovity’s free trial and see why it’s the smarter choice for screenwriters who value simplicity, affordability, and powerful writing tools. Unleash your creativity and take your scriptwriting to the next level with Studiovity.

Watch the video for more information:

Advanced Screenwriting Software and
Film pre-production tool

Studiovity is a new standard for Screenwriting, Storyboard, Ai breakdown and Scheduling. 

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