StudioVity – An alternative to Movie Magic Scheduling

StudioVity is an easily accessible and compatible script-writing software that provides fabulous features to its users at affordable prices. The easy compatibility of the software makes it one of the best parts and a strong pillar of its success.

StudioVity V.s Movie Magic Scheduling

Let’s begin with the most vital pillar on which the entire organization works.

Yes, you got it right. It’s their mission. The main difference is that StudioVity is mission-oriented, the Magic Movie Scheduling is a static data entry. 

The mission of StudioVity is to provide a seamless application that helps to increase the productivity of the project and even during any pandemical situation’ the work won’t stop all team members can access the data at the same time.

Movie Magic Scheduling provides a platform for the generation of production documents only. Most of the work related to the scheduling and breakdown of data has to figure out manually.

In-App Messaging

Movie Magic Scheduling doesn’t provide any such type of messenger. Due to this, the user needs to use another messenger app to convey their messages.

StudioVity provides an amazing feature of messenger that makes it easy to communicate within the team and even helps to keep your professional chats safe, secure, and separate from personal chit-chat.

This feature makes StudioVity stand different from Movie Magic Scheduling.

Smart Text Editor(Personalized Notes && Tag Notes)​

Movie Magic Scheduling doesn’t have such an interface which makes, it even more static and sometimes quite bored that might be a tedious task for the user. So it would be more time-consuming as every minute detail has to be entered by the user, which may lead to human errors.

StudioVity is the multiverse. StudioVity provides the feature of creating personalized notes that could be later incorporated within your script for free. One can also use it to write a script, novel, or screenplay. It has the facility of a shareable link that support easy sharing with the team members and someone from outside the team. It also provides a different type of permission access to the team members. It also provides many auto-pops and other selective items, especially some minute detailing’s that save time.

Manage Call Sheets​

Movie Magic Scheduling doesn’t provide this feature.

StudioVity provides this fabulous feature whether it’s a regular meeting or shooting, all that a user has to do is send your team call sheet and everything will go well. As the call sheet will contain the detailed location, starting time, and ending time, and also the recipients would be mentioned. Mapping the outline of a story is a crucial and quite time-consuming task, StudioVity is here to help you out about the same. StudioVity provides the feature of Beadboard for a screenplay that helps the writer save time and resources for mapping the outline.

Import and Export

Movie Magic Scheduling doesn’t provide the feature of exporting the scene breakdown data to some file format that will be editable at the other end. But the team of Movie Magic Scheduling has developed a solution for the same they have worked on solving this problem by developing a slick tool called Movie Magic Scheduling To excel Exporter, which supports exporting data in the excel format. It provides the facility of importing the file in .msr file format. The team is working on the same.

StudioVity has a solution for it because it provides this amazing feature that makes lots of tasks easier and also proves to be a great time saver. StudioVity can export in the same format that’s mentioned in the import. You can edit it into a pdf, fountain, and even on text format.

Supported Languages

Movie Magic Scheduling can make its tool more accessible to the user by making it available in more languages, recently it’s available only in English. 

StudioVity provides its tool in more than 350+ languages that’s a great thing. Understanding that most people are most comfortable with their home language, making our tool available in those languages will surely increase the user count.


Movie Magic Scheduling provide most of the pre-production features but not all of them beneath the same roof, which may prove to be difficult for the users to switch between different tools as it’s also time consuming.

StudioVity has even worked on it and has come up with the amazing concept of making all the pre-production steps readily available and easily accessible to the users. Shortlist a critical element where all the minute detailing about the shots is taken into consideration so that while actual shooting there’s no problem and all the required arrangements are made beforehand all this is done with the advanced features like camera setup, frame setup, frame setup, time setup, and many more which helps in keeping not and a track of all minute details.

Movie Magic Scheduling do not support their users with these features which let its users to switch to different resources.

Homepage Analysis

Movie Magic Scheduling doesn’t provide anything named “homepage analysis” which would make it easier for the user to take a glance at all the ongoing and pre and post scheduled tasks.

StudioVity provides the feature of homepage analysis which makes it’s favourite feature for its users as the users always expect to have the entire data at a single glance and the StudioVity has got it perfectly.

Just writing the script but without proper and perfect tools it might become a tedious task to manage everything at the same time perfectly. So using StudioVity will sort out most of your problems and will never let you down as you all that having a well-constructed beat sheet is essential, but so is having a script that is well broken down. It makes it easier for the director, and crew members to read and short. Finding good Scriptwriting software can be a hassle. However, you can now enjoy an easy scriptwriting experience devoid of syntax or financial hassle only on StudioVity, a web, mobile-based, cross-platform screenwriting application.

One of the most exciting features is script breakdown, popularly known as an index card, industry-standard format, and quick notes on the go. You can write your script by just adding a document. Its features let you break down your script automatically. You can (download pdf, fountain, txt)add your cast and crew, call sheets, payment breakdown, standard report (PDF format), and shareable links to your production team—some great articles and blogs about movies, production, script breakdown, and many more. Besides the app being safe, importing and exporting files is much easier. You can also chat through the app and get recommendations and share ideas with others.

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