PK: Movie Analysis and Script

Pk movie analysis and script

Brief summery of PK movie

Prejudiced society

At the beginning of the movie, we see Jaggu (the female protagonist) meeting a guy. She was having a fun time talking to this guy until she asks to where he belonged, he responds Pakistan. Jaggu’s face immediately loses its smile. The director has very well described the prejudice prevailing in our society. Society has today fragmented into various religions, caste, and creed. A few of these people are not welcoming to the people who belong to a different majority. We are at a constant useless battle to prove ourselves mightier than the others. In this fight to gain supremacy, we forget the trait which makes us human beings, “the best creation of God”. However, as Jaggu gets over her prejudiced mentality and falls in love with Sarfaraz, her father disapproves of him. He takes her to Tapaswee Jee: a self-proclaimed saint who forces his mentality on her, saying that her lover shall cheat on her. 


Feeding on Faith

As shown in the movie, self-proclaimed saints like Tapaswee Jee know very well how to misuse people’s faiths. Considering themselves to be messengers of God, these people give unusual solutions to people’s problems. They earn money by doing so. When questioned, they try to suppress the revolt with cash and power. They are the people who give fire to the already existing intolerance in society. These people create religious riots to hold their supremacy. They influence that even literate people lose their sense of differentiation between right and wrong and become devotees. 


The need for scientific temper

The movie calls out the need to have a scientific temper in the present. Society is not like it used to be. Human beings have become selfish. Everyone is ready to take advantage of others. A superstitious mind, unwilling to reason, gets misused the most. Therefore, it is necessary to have a scientific temper. We must learn to reason. Believing in anything is only going to lead us to a deeper hole of exploitation. Only through the power of reasoning can we help in creating a perfectly harmonious society. 


The power of media

Media holds excellent power today. It has the license to reason. Media can ignite the fire within one’s heart to muster up the courage to stand against the wrong. Media is the voice of the people. It must maintain an unbiased outlook and bring the truth in front of the people. The makers of the film have very well shown this. After watching Pk’s encounter with Tapswee Jee and Pk’s reasoning, people get a hold of themselves. They stop believing the illogical teachings of the self-proclaimed frauds and start speaking up not only for themselves but others too. 


A perfect combination of humour and logic

The filmmakers have very well used the brutal combination of humour and logic. Keeping the movie on a lighter side, the message that was intended is very well delivered. Despite the few emotional scenes, the film remains to entertain the people until the very end. 


pk movie analysis and script


The script is the blueprint of a movie. A well-written script makes a great movie. The use of humour to tone down a problematic situation, the excellent monologuing, songs and music fitting to the scene are all the elements that have made this movie ad marvellous as it is. Therefore it is essential that a script stands out and makes a statement. Here comes Studiovity, India’s first video production management tool. It is a web, mobile-based, cross-platform video production management application; Studiovity is an end to end product management platform that allows you to increase your project’s productivity. Write your script by just adding a document, and you don’t need paper anymore.

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