PK: Monologuing and Script Pdf Download

PK: Monologuing and Script Pdf Download​

What is a monologue?

A Brief explanation of monologue.

Monologuing is an uninterrupted speech given by a film, a drama, or a theatrical character with a viewpoint of lasting impact on the audience. Usually used in difficult situations, scriptwriters prefer keeping the monologues rather emotional.

Monologuing And Script Pdf Download

Monologuing in Pk

The filmmakers have used the concept of monologuing marvellously throughout the movie.

The first monologue given by the character Pk is in front of God. He finds himself helpless. He has lost his remote controller, the only way he could contact his planet. He tried everything he could to get it back but in vain. He goes into an alley that was full of sculptures of God. He stops before a statue and begs God to help him out. This emotional scene makes the viewers pity this character. With tears welled up in his eyes when Amir Khan (Pk) joins his hand and pleads in front of God, moving the audience with his emotions.

PK Movie - Monologue in front of God.

The second time the filmmakers use monologuing is at the end. Tapaswee Jee tries suppressing Pk by calling him a guy of a different religion who wishes to put down their religion and customs. As Pk has recently lost his good friends in an explosion caused as a response to a religious riot, he is frustrated. Pk asks Tapaswee Jee to stop this act of being a messenger of God. He pleads in front of him to stop dividing people according to their comfort and creating differences. He asks him to stop using people’s faith and believes in filling his pocket. This scene is an awakening call for the audience to gain our lost conscience. We must not let these “saints” control our emotions and way of thinking. We human beings are no longer the best creation of God. This monologue makes us hold our minds and gain the scientific temperament that we have lost.

PK - Monologue in interview

In Conclusion

Monologuing is a tool that enhances the effect a movie can have on the audience. However, it is essential to use this tool accurately while scriptwriting. There must be only a few monologues. Having various monologues creates redundancy and loses its importance. Monologues must be used carefully to have an impact on the audience. Here comes StudioVity, India’s first video production management tool. It is a web, mobile-based video production management software; StudioVity is an end to end product management platform that allows you to increase your project’s productivity. Write your script by just adding a document, and you don’t need paper anymore.

Its features include script breakdown; you can add your cast and crew, call sheets, payment breakdown, standard report (PDF format), and shareable links to your production team

You can also access the screenplay of the film by clicking on the link down below.

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