September 9, 2022

How to create Project in Studiovity

How to create a project in Studiovity.

What is a project ? Definition of Project. A project is a private workspace that allows adding and managing the screenplay, documents, call sheet, shot list, tasks, cast and crew and assign roles to them. The project creator can also assign roles for collaborators from project settings to utilize them in new ways that fit their …

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Studiovity an alternative to studiobinder

StudioVity: An alternative to StudioBinder

Alternative for choice for StudioBinder Why Studiovity? Alternative to Studiobinder. Affordable for users, easy compatibility, and great features make StudioVity a great screenwriting software. Knowing the exact pulse of the users and making changes has helped it to stand out uniquely in this industry. StudioVity V.s StudioBinder The comparison between the two amazingly great software is …

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Story Writing Competition Registration

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